Seville is a Top 10 city to visit

As the spanish writer Antonio Gala told once, “The worst thing it´s not that people from Seville think they live in the most beautiful city of the world…the worst thing is that probably they are right”.

Of course they are right, Don Antonio! Seville is a Top 10 city to visit, and that´s an unquestonable truth. And it´s not only the point of view of Sofía Persiani, who writes this paper, an italian girl who came to Seville to finish her degree in History a few years ago and fell in love with the city forever.

It´s also the point of view of many publications which includes Seville in a “Top 10” list of cities that you should get to know. Thus, to write an example, for Travel+Leisure it´s one of the best cities in Europe (World´s Best Awards, 2015). And the CNN places Seville in the sixth position of the World´s best cycling cities list and regards it like the Greatest Cycling city, with the permission of Amsterdam or Copenhagen.

Guess how wonderful is Seville that even Mr. Barack Obama is coming soon to visit the city (in July 2016), in spite of the heat during this month. A city that owns the the biggest historic centre of Spain and one of the biggest in Europe, sharing this honour with Venecia or Genova.

Sofia Persiani

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Now from my point of view and with no doubt, I would place Seville in my Top 10 list. And I tell you the truth, I´ve been in many wonderful places). So it´s the reason I love working as a turistic guide in Seville.

I´m never tired of walking through its winding and narrow streets, showing magic places to reduced groups. Discovering with them a lot of curiosities and traditions.

Actually my daily goal is to achieve your falling in love with Seville, like I did. That´s living and enjoying the city, breathing its fragance, and taking your time discovering it, without rush.

Furthermore, I want to share with you my four favourite places in Seville, and of course me and the apie team will be pleased to attend you if you decide to visit us!

Have a nice day! I´ll be waiting in Seville!

4 things you should do if you come to Seville

ONE. Walk along the two sides of the Guadalquivir river, discovering at sun-set the magic Triana neighborhood of Seville. Taste in Triana a tapa of Punta de Solomillo (pork sirloin) at “Las Golondrinas”.

TWO. Drink a glass of vino de naranja (sweet orange wine) in taberna Álvaro Peregil. There´s a fantastic view of The Giralda of Seville.

THREE. Discover the enchantment of the Santa Cruz neighborhood of Seville, a labyrinth of narrow streets where the old jewish quarter was placed once.

FOUR. Don´t miss the Plaza de España, my favourite place in Seville and one of the most striking monuments in Spain. Did you think It was a coincidence that many movies have been filmed here?

And don´t forget to have a beer in the crowded Plaza del Salvador, or to visit some of the Seville temples, like the Iglesia de la Macarena or the Basílica del Gran Poder. Besides, to buy some work of art in Plaza del Museo street market  on Sunday; to rent a bike riding it around the city center; or to join to some interesting Seville guided tours. In brief, hundred of places to visit and things to do in Seville!

Taste tapas in Triana

Plaza de España

Puente de Triana

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Our tours can provoke a state of full satisfaction. When finalizing the stroll you may feel symptoms of happiness, an increase of your cultural level and addiction to Seville.

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