In apie we consider ourselves very lucky, since it’s a fortune to live in a striking city such as Seville. And it’s even more if you have the chance to dedicate your life to showing it as we appreciate and enjoy.

It happens thanks to this thrilling project, born in october 2014, by three enthusiastic people: María, Cristina y Andrés. We always have shared our passion for travelling and getting to know the most authentic things of each place, as well as our love for history. We strongly beleive in a sustainable and fair tourism, considering each visitant like another citizen.

Thus, since the first day, we knew that your satisfaction will be always our main goal. We want you to keep the best memory of us, and above all of our city. It makes us very happy and encourages us to go on.

To achieve it, we put our heart in each tour we organize. We don´t want only guided visits, but complete experiences where people in love with Sevilla will show you its magic, with enthusiasm and commitment.

We are Great Travellers and that’s why we want to contact you with Great Guides in Seville 

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Are you going to visit Seville and other cities?

Due to the commitment, responsability and passion needed, at this moment we only offer guided visits in Seville and its surroundings. However, if you´re thinking about discovering other cities like for example Barcelona, Madrid or Granada, we´ll be pleased to advice you.

apie belongs to Free Walking Tours By Locals, a website composed by companies which share our philosophy. That is, offering quality tours driven by guides in love with the city where they live. Therefore, we recommend you to contact with any of our partners so you can discover the magic of other places.

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Our tours can provoke a state of full satisfaction. When finalizing the stroll you may feel symptoms of happiness, an increase of your cultural level and addiction to Seville.

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