Convents in Seville

¿Did you know that Sevilla is known, among other names, as the city of the convents?

After the reconquest, the main christian orders sited convents in Seville all around the city; especially in the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries, while the city played a very important commercial role. For example, the convents of Santa Inés, Santa Paula, San Leandro or “las Teresas”.

Their basic structure has a “compás”, an intermediate place between outside and the real closure. This last place is the cloister, with a bell which governs the convent´s life.

We would like to highlight the San José convent, inside the old jewish quarter, nowadays the gorgeous  Barrio de Santa Cruz. It belongs to the “Carmelitas Descalzas” order, and it´s popularly known as “las Teresas”. That´s due to the famous Saint Teresa of Ávila who was the main driving force for its creation. She was successful in spite of many hardships, for example the macabre Spanish Inquisition that investigated her due to a false accusation.

Another famous convent in Seville it´s Santa Inés, home of the Becquer´s legend Maese López the Organist. The character was a man who continued playing the instrument even after his death. Santa Ines is home of another story too, a well known and tragic one. It´s about María Coronel, a beautiful woman whose desperation led her to pour hot oil against her own face, but why? She wanted to dislike the King Pedro I, who always tried to seduce María. Did you know that to can see her face once a year?

We encourage you to visit one of these convents and, above all, to taste their delicious sweets. For example the pastries of Santa Inés, the wide variety of jams of Santa Paula or the sweet yolks of San Leandro.

Your stomach and soul will be pleased!

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