Walking benefits

Walking benefits

Your body, mind and soul will be grateful

Nowadays it´s not a secret that living an active life it´s healthy, unlike having a sedentary life, that has a negative impact on your quality of life. Thus, the goal of this post is to talk about the walking benefits.

The question is, how can we keep an active life? It´s easy, simply practicing any sport like running, cycling or tennis. Another quite easier option it´s walking or footing because you don’t need special skills or previous preparation. Moreover, it´s cheaper, because you don´t have to enroll in a gym. And less harmful, especially for knees, which suffer a lot with sports like football or running.

Although we had a busy life, there´s always time to make a walk somewhere. For example, when we commute to work. You can do it by foot, and if it´s necessary to take any transport, it´s a good idea to park or get off at least half an hour from your job place. But it´s even more enjoyable to stroll inside a green area, breathing clean air while you are doing some exercise, connecting yourself with the vegetation so you could really relax your body and soul. In Seville we have a good area for that: the Maria Luisa Park

And of course tourism is obviously strongly related to walk, the best way to get to know a city or any place. If you go in a bus or a car, getting off only to take a picture, rather than walking the streets and paths, you won´t carry with you such a good memory, or at least a special and everlasting one.

So if you really want to get to know the monumental area of a city, only walking you could reach the most charming places and hidden streets, behaving like another citizen. And for that purpose we think that any of our Seville walking tours will be fantastic!

In summary, whether for sport or visiting a city, we encourage you to wear a comfortable pair of shoes and start walking. Your mind and soul will be pleased!

Andrés Pérez Vázquez
Fundador y Guía
APIE | Experiencias Guiadas

Ready, Steady, Go!

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