Route through historic Sevilla.

Discover the magic of the monuments declared World Heritage Sites in this already majestic city.

In this route you’ll enjoy a magnificent view of the Cathedral and bear witness to its awe-inspiring size firsthand. We’ll visit the most beautiful areas of the Cathedral and even get to see conserved parts of the primitive mosque. One of these areas is the Giralda where we’ll tell you some interesting facts and legends of one of the marvels of humanity framed by some of the most spectacular views in the city.

At the Reales Alcázares, home to Muslim and Christian royalty alike, we’ll tell you some interesting stories of love and death that took place within. We will also discuss the Archivo de las Indias, closely linked in its origins to the Cathedral.

Walking through the solitary streets of Sevilla you’ll learn about the historical center of power, an area chosen by a variety of civilizations to establish the heart the city such as the Roman Empire (of which you’ll even see some remains).

Lastly, you’ll enjoy the Iglesia del Salvador, an old mosque—currently a grandiose baroque temple, the ideal backdrop to finish an unforgettable experience.

Fechas y Horarios

Martes, Jueves y Sábado a las 12:00pm

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Points of Interest

  • Casino de la Exposición

  • Glorieta de Bécquer

  • Estanque de los Lotos

  • Isleta de los Patos

  • Plaza de América

  • Monte Gurugú

  • Jardín de los Leones

  • Plaza de España

Information about the route

    • Timetable. Monday-Sunday at 9:30am
    • Meeting Point. Puerta de Jerez, in front of the entrance to Hotel Alfonso XIII
    • Duration. Approximately 90 minutes
    • Languages. Spanish and English (please consult us for other languages, we’ll do everything possible to offer a customized route)

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Our tours can provoke a state of full satisfaction. When finalizing the stroll you may feel symptoms of happiness, an increase of your cultural level and addiction to Seville.

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