apie is a new concept of tourist platform to promote the tourism of experiences through guided visits on foot

Our experience is the starting point of this project—four genuine enthusiasts of tourism, passionate about discovering what makes a place authentic. This passion combined with the concept of being a “citizen of the world”, or the interest of a tourist today in getting to know the local community they visit, while attempting to avoid clichés, has served as a guide to define apie: a commitment to reveal a different way to discover a destination, not just living the experience of discovering that which makes it unique but also to do so as a local, as someone who lives there.

But it’s not only about offering guided visits “apie (on foot)”, but also developing tourism based on synergy and the support of the local community.

we conect Great Guides with Great Travellers

we construct Guided Experiences on foot

for Great Travellers

What do great travellers want if not to immerse themselves in the place they visit?

The desire to achieve it and the value commitment to sustainable, just and responsible tourism to discover the monumental natural and cultural heritage are the common denominator in our routes.

for Great Guides

We want to serve as a bridge between guides and the changing tourism market. To do so, we offer consulting, development, and support to incorporate new routes, new perspectives, and new focus to our team, continually working to adapt our value commitment to the new reality of the sector.

Under the premise “discover the authenticity of the destination, escaping clichéd tours” and “living an experience on foot”, we have designed three ways to get en route with us. Three modalities of guided visit where legends, history and special features of Sevilla occupy a central place in the content of the tours.

You Decide the Price | Much More to See | In Private Tours

What is the meaning of “You Decide the Price“?

It is easy, we believe in what we do, in the product that we offer, and thats why we want you to set the price once the visit is over, depending on your satisfaction. We want you to be one to decide the value of the guided experience we offer.

#Experienciasapie You Decide the Price

We have divided the historic Seville into four zones, each of them walked by one of the four #ExperienciasYouDecidethePrice. 1 hour and half guided visits to put in value not only the main monuments of the city but also their particularities.

  • 1st.- Get en route by choosing the best fit for you

  • 2nd.- Reserve the day you want

  • 3rd.- Live the experience

  • 4th.- After, decide the price you´re willing to pay for it

Can you imagine discovering a place so filled with history that it has managed to maintain its essence over the centuries?

Did you know that Sevilla is considered one of the most marvelous open-air museums in the world?

Let us transport you to a time when Sevilla was the main commercial port of Europe.


Cristina Moragrega Alaminos

One of my great passions, travelling around world, was the reason I decided to study Tourism. Experiencing the authenticity of these corners of the world is what opened my eyes to the importance of conserving and sharing them with others. In a similar vein, it is this that I discovered my second passion, photography.

I consider planning the key factor in sustainable and responsible development for any product or destination.

I’ll end with an old Native American saying that I think summarizes why at apie our value proposition is to reach those who venture live #Experienceapie: “We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors; we borrow it from our children”.

Andrés Pérez Vázquez

Whenever the opportunity presents itself, I throw on my backpack and set out to discover some of the many places I have marked in red on my map.

In each one of these experiences, my aim is to strip down the place to its roots, trying to discover the most interesting corners, urban and natural alike, allowing local guides to show me their area, as they perceive it.

For this reason, it’s a dream to be able to embark on this exciting project so I can collaborate on the important task of showing our valuable heritage to intrepid travellers with responsibility, respect, and kindness.

María Moragrega Alaminos

As a cosmopolitan urbanite with great innovative spirit, at apie I have been able to merge my great hobby with the desire to create my own business.

In 2010 I had the opportunity to live in Istanbul for six months, delving into the idiosyncrasies of the city and getting to know an entirely different culture from my own. It was at that moment I discovered my passion for traveling, meeting people from around the world, and sharing unique moments with special people.

I am in love with my country and province, with its customs and people, and of good stories told in good company. It is for this reason that I believe in the importance of the transfer of the cultural identity of a people, as it means the existence of a shared history and memory. At apie that is our goal.

Manuel Sánchez Múñoz

Born in Sevilla and passionate about travel, I consider myself a citizen of the world, in love with Sevilla and its stories, of the magic that we breathe here and of course, of flamenco.

One of my dreams was to start a business in which I could transmit my desire and passion while gaining new experiences, a dream which I have achieved with apie. It is this desire to convey a new way of doing things where personal satisfaction is at the core.

We offer new experiences to convey everything this city has given us, to make you feel unique again and offer you the opportunity to fall eternally in love with this city, its cuisine, climate, people and their way of life.

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Our tours can provoke a state of full satisfaction. When finalizing the stroll you may feel symptoms of happiness, an increase of your cultural level and addiction to Seville.

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